The Raven has been dreaded as a bird of ill fortune; distruction and darkness; but in the spiritual world he is a bird who brings protection. He warns the forces of light of oncoming destruction and battle therefor giving us the power to guard and time for preparation. These destructive forces are a natural and necessary facet of life even though they are painful; but the raven's relationship to the forces of destruction does not mean he is the bringer of the destructive forces yet better considered the messenger.

The Raven is a bird of protection by warning the forces of light of upcoming destruction or battles; so they may prepare themselves. His association with destruction does not make him the bringer of it; but better yet the messenger. By heeding his warnings one is able to possibly change the impact of a situation even though they may not be able to change the inevitable. Like the Druids you can learn to read of the type of warning or message the Raven is sending you by learning to understand his flight behavior and even the sounds he makes. With The Raven as my totem I can tell if it is a betrayal; a death; a legal complication; or struggle with emotional issues by simply watching him when he comes to me. The Crow is also considered to be similar to the Raven in his qualities and energies.

The Raven brings powerful healing qualities by a process known as the resolutions of opposites. This meaning in darkness there is light; and in light there is darkness- death is necessary for rebirth- destruction is necessary for renewal. There must be death in order to make room for birth. By using this process of resolution of opposites we learn to resolve conflicts that have long lain buried in our unconscience or our past. There must be darkness if we are to emerge into the light. By his association with death he is also associated with depth.

The Raven is a bird of the Underworld; he has the ability to see into the past, the future, and beyond the veil of death. He has the great ability to travel from this world to the next; accessing the darkest regions bringing back visions and oracle instructions for the seeker and the healer. It is believed that the Raven is given as a gift from the Gods for the Seeker and the Healer. This totem guide was one of my biggest battles to accept as I was taken to these dark regions and saw many things in the Underworld that I did not care to see. I fought the Raven's knowledge in the beginning and this created a great fear for me; I prayed not to travel with him as I did not want to know of the destruction and death. I finally accepted the Raven and his gift and have learned to accept all knowledge good or bad. We must not be afraid of the darkness if we are to gain knowledge; take the plunge with the Raven into the dark depths and know that in doing so you are protected.

If you have embraced, accepted, and know Raven; you find affinites with his qualities and energies; an introduction to the Raven at a phase in your life may be an indication that he is urging you to hear his message; To accept destruction or death in your life as an opportunity for renewal or rebirth. Sometimes our lives may go through difficult dark times in order for better and brighter things to come. Our fear of the darkness is worse than anything we may find there.

If you feel the Raven is your totem guide please feel free to take the Raven image at the top of this page and proudly recognize him; a link to my site would be appreciated though.

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