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Wolf Totem Guide


Despite the Wolf's reputation as being a fierce creature to be feared by man; in the spiritual world he is actually valued for his affinities with human kind. The reality of it is that the wolf is actually a very social; intelligent and friendly animal; He is one of the most faithful of all animal guides. The wolf and the raven are very close in the spiritual world as the wolf will often be led to food by the raven; and the raven will also follow the wolf closely.

If you were to take the time to study the wolf you may realize the wonderful qualities and energies that this magnificent creature will bring into your life as your guide; you will learn to understand the qualities that this guide urges you to live by.

Although a wolf certainly has the strength and knowledge to stand alone; he shows us the importance of family and friends. The pack is a wolf's large facet of meaningful survival. The pack learns to work together and respect one another's position within the pack; there is much to be said here if we heed to the wolf's knowledge. As a leader of his pack the wolf will use his descipline to keep the wolfs in order; on the same flip of the coin the wolf leader also shows great love and affection for all members of his pack...seeing here the importance of descipline and love within a family unit. The wolf qualities within your life may make you feel as if you need to spend time alone; but don't deny the importance of companionship and togetherness. To know and accept the wolf as your guide will help to bring these qualities into your life where they may be lacking; if just being introduced to the wolf he may be encouraging you to bring and allow these qualities into your life.

The wolf brings all of the qualities of faithfulness,intuition,the shadow and learning. Inner strength is the key to strength and power; if you feel restless within yourself at times; and when you are alone you feel such a stirring from deep within that you feel a fear and uncomfortableness; this may be your innerstrength and power calling to you. You should face those feelings and stirrings within and learn to know your deepest self and even the darkest of places within known as the shadow. When you accomplish this is when and where you will find courage and TRUE spiritual companionship.

The wolf brings learning with him; he tells us that sometimes we must cross barriers in our lives; take risks and to even sometimes go beyond what is considered "normal" behavior in order that we may learn and grow. These barriers may be difficult and painful to cross at times but knowledge is gained through experience; and strength is gained through battles.

If you have embraced, accepted, and know Wolf; you become whole and learn to face your own inner strength; fierceness and power. You learn to trust yourself uniting with the hidden side of your being; find the true power!! Your dreams and intuition will help you to come to know your innerself; pay heed to them. You will allow all of the qualities and energies he brings into your life. An introduction to the wolf may indicate that he is urging you to listen to his message and allow his qualities and energies into your life; he may be telling you that the fear you may feel of aloneness may in reality be a fear of your own inner fierceness and strengths; dwelve within the darkness and discover your inner strength and come to know your inner self.

If you feel the Wolf may be your totem guide you may feel free to take the image at the top of this page to display on your website to proudly recognize him...a link back to my site would be appreciated though.

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