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Myst N Wolf's
Spiritual Pyschic Readings

Hi Everyone!! I don't really know where to start but I will not keep you too long on the reading material here. First off you are probably curious as to why I would use dragons as a theme with a topic such as tarot and spiritual means. There is much to be said about the dragon and how he ties into these matters and especially for me and his personal effect upon my life. If you would like to know more about the dragon and why I chose him just click here. The dragon globe below is a gift that I made for all the wonderful people that have taken the time to visit my humble abode...just upload him to your own server and Please enjoy him and treat him with care..:).

a gift for all  who visit this site!! Please enjoy him!!

If anyone is interested in a reading that is listed below I now do readings on Ebay and take Paypal payments. My Rates are reasonable. If you visit my Ebay Store and do not see a listing just drop me an email and I can post the reading for you to purchase right away.


Ever since I was a child I was as one shall say (different). I saw things that most people can't even imagine and had an incredible; yet scary gift to even wish things out of emotional energy to only have them happen. I will say though this is one thing that I certainly learned to control as it was not a positive way to use such energy. As I was growing up and even in my adult years these things and experiences terrified me.. as I could not really understand them. I have now come to accept them as a gift given to me by the Gods to help others.

For many years I used only my natural abilities and then took up an interest in learning to use the tools that would help me work with my gift and also put my energies to positive use. I have been reading the Tarot now for approximately 8 years; the crystals for 6 and the Druid Oracles for 5 years; and interpreting dreams forever. It is one of my strong qualities. Dreams are a very interesting facet as one can know many things from a simple dream. I also astral travel and visit many places and see many things. Many of us have such experiences but just lack the knowledge to know that that is what is happening to us; and shrug most of these strange experiences off as a mere dream. I believe that all dreams carry a message of one form or another.

I have animal guides which have helped to assist me in teaching me throughout my life and helping me to learn more about my special gift and how it should be used. My special guides are the Wolf (which I have a very close relationship with and feel a wonderful infinity with him; I have also built a web page about wolves) and the Raven. I will not force these teachings upon you but if you are interested in knowing the animal guides I have provided a page with information about them and other animal guides and their roles in our spiritual lives. This link is provided below. Also if you read on the Astral traveling that I will also be adding you will see how I meet with my guides and what they show me.

Below I will give brief descriptions of what each tool of divination I use and how it is used to offer insight...incidently one must always keep in mind that all these tools simply offer insight; giving us paths of thoughts and ideas we may other wise ignore; they help us with our inner searchings to dwelve deep within. We ourselves are the only ones that can make decisions and choices in our lives that lead to the consequences good or bad and tools of divination can never be blamed for a certain outcome in ones life.

DRUID ORACLE SPIRITUAL READING- I personally like the Druid Oracle Spiritual Circle Reading. It is a very powerful and insightful reading and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Most say after a reading that they become quiet drained and tired as the animal spirits are working on counseling and healing them. It helps us to face certain things that we may keep buried and therefor helps us to deal with them and heal.

TAROT READING- This reading takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be very insightful in dealing with issues in the present the past and the future. I use the Tarot of The Cat People as I find it to be the deck that works best for me. In all the years I have given tarot readings I can honestly say the cards have never steered me wrong. They have always been quite accurate.

CRYSTALS- I use the crystals to reinforce the tarot readings at times to help to offer the querent more insight into any situation they may need help understanding in their life. The crystals offer very wise insight and advice to the querent. They make one really think hard about aspects they may not otherwise consider.

DREAM INTERPRETATIONS- This can range from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the dream. Some dreams actually involve a person's past life whereas others may involve their future yet to come. I believe that all dreams are messages sent from another spirit from the spiritual world or a spiritual guide to help you in directing your life or in warning you against wrong paths you may chose. Every detail is very important in properly interpreting a dream. I do not use the books and their scientfic ways of interpreting dreams; I use my gift of insight and spiritual knowledge to do this.

NUMEROLOGY- This is a process where one combines numbers to gather information about a person; I find much information can be gathered by numerology which can cover the past and even determine what one might look to expect in the future. I use numbers to also create a monthly prediction for the querent and a yearly calculation as well. Numbers are incredibly accurate as if our lives our fated and predestined by our numbers born into. I can use many different numbers to calculate to gather information for a person about themselves or someone else. I will do numerologies upon request.

I find that the computer is an excellent way to give readings as the energy transfer is incredible!! I will gaurantee you an honest reading; I will never tell you that I see something if I don't as some may do; on the other hand if I see something I will not hesitate to tell you. If you are interested in any one of these readings please email me to make arrangements and please put Reading in subject line. The reading can be sent by email or through the chat ICQ Chat line. It can also be done by postal mail if preferred. When you email please specify the type of reading that you may be interested in. I now ACCEPT PAY PAL so if you are interested you can now pay via paypal payments so don't hestitate to email me.

Want to Learn about the animal totems just click the link below