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You are a querent and need to choose a card that you feel best suits you. You can consider physical traits as well; but if you find one that suits your spiritual being and characteristics better then that is the card you should choose.


This is a woman that usually has brown hair and blue or hazel eyes; she is a very loyal,intelligent honest, and very devoted person. She is a good and faithful wife and mother; she takes motherhood seriously.She is kind person and although willing to help others may not be willing to put herself out too far on the limb. She is also a woman of vision and has is able to bring forth her visions. She is considered a helpmate for others.


This is a woman who usually has dark brown hair and eyes. She is a very intelligent person yet not overbearing she remains a rather subtle person. She is kind but maintains a firmness about her. She is a very graceful person in attitude and physical characteristics. She also enjoys dancing. In many cases this woman has some sadness about her ( a loss of some sort). She has great experience in the world and is not easily fooled.


This is a blonde hair blue or hazel eyed woman. She has a love for gardening and growing things. She is kind and generous and has great love of the home. She also has the great power to attract that which she wants. She is very energetic with an upbeat personality and it is very difficult for anything to bring her down. She is successful in her undertakings.


This is a woman that usually has very dark hair(black) dark eyes and dark skin....she is a very generous and noble person and always willing to help others. If she sees something that needs doing then she does it; if she says that she will do something she keeps her word. She will put herself out for others; she is a very mothering nourtouring type often referred to as the Mother of All offering security to those around her..sometimes even overbearingly so. She is very dependable and shares all that she has....very generous with her gifts. She is a very trustworthy and reliable person.