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The Pied Cockatiel

Male Pied Cockatiel
This is Tiny...he is a
male pied cockatiel.

The Pied cockatiel carries very wide variations from light to heavy-from pearl pied to cinnamon pied. Tiny might be referred to as a dirty-faced pied strain because of the light grey mottled around his face, but I just say he is a pied. The markings are so varying with this particular mutation.
It is impossible to visually determine the gender of a pied cockatiel because male and female look alike with no real physical characteristics to decipher the difference between the two; so one might tend to rely more upon personality factors and traits or even have a pied dna sexed to be 100 percent sure of the gender. I find the pied cockatiels are not only an extremely attractive and gorgeous fid but they are also a very intelligent mutation and are very verbal. I have had young 10 week old babies sing and whistle up a storm. I find they are a very laid back calm mutation.

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