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This is a common question from those who are considering purchasing a tiel or have owned one for a short time...

NO...because you have one tiel does not mean you need to get another one to keep your first tiel company. I would only say yes if your tiel spends an extremely long amount of time alone.

Tiels are flock animals and do enjoy company of others...however if you have only one tiel you must remember you become his flock. Also keep in mind by getting another tiel and housing them together if they are of the opposite sex you may notice some behavior change which you will find not so appealing...such as your tiel may become less affectionate with you. If you have no interest in breeding and yet wish to purchase a friend for your tiel it is best in my opinion to chose a friend for them of the same gender -I find there are no changes in their attitudes when housed with the same gender. Also important- remember to always quarantine new birds even if they appear healthy for the safety of your previous feathered friend.I quarantine birds for a period of 40 days minimal and monitor them closely during this time. In quarantining I chose a different airzone in the house not just different cages. After quarantine is up you can introduce them together by placing cages in the same room and allowing supervised play time..after a short time you should be able to try housing them in the same cage.

If you are considering a 2nd tiel for your feathered friend because you work throughout the day and are worried about him/her spending this time alone there are somethings you can do while you are working such as leave some music or even the television on low volume. I personally believe your tiel will adapt to your working hours and simply desire to bond with you after working hours. However if you are not able to spend bonding quality time with your tiel after work or your work takes you away from home for longer than normal hours then I would consider a second tiel to keep your friend company....because your tiel does thrive on companionship and closeness which he readily accepts from his human but if his human is unable to provide this then he needs it from somewhere and yes a second tiel will offer this to him.