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Please Help Gabby Find Her Way Home

I am posting this site in hopes to help reunite a fid with his owner...Gabby is much missed. Gabby is an African Grey.I hope that you all take time to read this and perhaps you will be able to help more than you realize...This is the posting that came from Billy...Gabby's pet human. Please help I know Gabby misses his humans as much as they miss him.

What's so special about this Parrot?
My name is Billy Falin and I am a lifelong resident of Painesville Twp in Lake County in North Eastern Ohio.
On Thursday , May 30 at around 5:30 our African Grey parrot named Gabby darted out the door of our house when it was accidently left open and was frightened by a loud noise that caused him to fly off over the trees in our backyard on Fairgrounds Rd. and vanish from our lives.
It has been 6 days now and I am running out of ideas on ways to get the word out about his disappearance. That's why I am writing this asking the peple of this internet community if they would please help me.
Gabby is a 3 year old large African Grey parrot about the size of a crow. He is medium gray in color ,lighter under his wings and darker on top ,and has a very bright red tail. His eyes are yellowish. He has a whitish area around his eyes. He is wearing a small silver band on his left foot. He is also implanted with a small digital tag from the vet. If someone found an African Grey bird they could tell if it was Gabby by his chip number. Most vets and pet stores have a scanner.
He is very intelligent and loves being the center of attention. His favorite words are "Come on" ,"Come Here", "Mama", and "I love you" He is a big ham and loves to sing a medley of songs with Gabby in the Title. "Well Hello Gabby" is his favorite by far. He also mimicks noises such as running water and whistles and even our dog whining.
He loves rockabilly music and bops his head up and down whenever I turn it on for him.
Me and my family have canvased the neighborhood with flyers putting them on telephone poles and taping flyers on every store that would let us tape one up.
We have called every veterinarian and pet shop in the area to give them Gabby's description and have given out hundreds of flyers to as many people as we have come across when we have been out searching for him.
Stories abour Gabby's disappearance have been featured in news reports from both Channel 8-WJW Fox 8 and Channel 5-WEWS and also in our local paper the News Herald.
We have even taken his cage out in the middle of our backyard and put all his favorite toys on top in a vain attempt that if he saw it he might fly back home.
The problem we have is we are not sure how far he could have gone or in what direction he could have traveled in. Domesticated parrots easily lose their sense of direction when they are frightened but we are reasonably sure that he is staying around a pretty small area once he has settled down. He could have traveled 10-20 miles in any direction from Fairgrounds Road or he could still be nearby. We just don't know
We got Gabby when he was 2 weeks old from a friend my uncle knows in Florida. We hand raised him with a big eyedropper every 3 hours for almost 4 weeks. I was there when his opened his eyes and have pictures of his development from a big pink kidney bean of a baby to a lean healthy adult parrot.
Large parrots like Gabby tend to bond with one person and I was lucky enough to be the person that he chose. When he is scared he instinctively heads to my shoulder for protection.
He also has a morning ritual of yacking on about all the problems he is having when I return from my job working the night shift at Giant Eagle. My parents have nicknamed me Mama because of my overprotective behavior towards him such as cleaning off his beak when he eats or scolding him for being bad.
To give an example of how smart African Gray parrots are and how their behavior is not just mere mimickry of words or sounds but that they seem to have an empathy for the people closest to them.
One day my mother remarked that Gabby thinks he's a person because he was sitting there with a french fry in hand chomping away like he was just one of the group.
My dad looked over at Gabby and said "You don't think you're a person do you Gabby Bird?" and he looked over at me and said "Mama Bird" and he later called my dad "William Bird". This is not something we have ever said to him. It is a connection that he made and no one can tell me that it was anything but a sign of intelligence. He doesn't think he's a person he believes that my family is part of his flock.
I realize that the odds of finding Gabby are slim but with your help maybe we can narrow them down a bit.. If you kind people out there could please tell your friends or the people you work with about Gabby and his disappeareance I would be very grateful. If one person out there could give us an idea of where he might be we could narrow the search area and hopefully get lucky. We are hoping Gabby can survive outside for awhile until we can find him. We have been lucky with the warm weather lately and his breed of parrot are known for their scavenging ability.
Here is my advice if you do see him. Talk in a slow even voice. Don't make any sudden moves at him or yell. This will probably scare him away. Crouch down and let him come to you. Entice him with peanuts or french fries...two of his many favorite snacks and let him get close enough that you can pick him up and put in a cage or even a car if needed.
If anyone out there has ever had a pet than they know the bond that exists and it is not something trivial. It is among the most profound things a human being can hope to experience.
Gabby makes noises unlike outside birds...there have been a few calls about these unusual sounds all over the Lake County area.
My name is Billy Falin but it is also Mama Bird. I am writing this as a member of a small flock of birds. Our flock desperately needs to find it's lost baby bird Gabby. Please help if you can.
If anyone has any information please call (440) 352-6018 or write There is a substantial reward.
Thank you for your kindness.