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The Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino cock
This is Chico...he is a
male Lutino
Lutino hen
This is Gabriel...she is a
female Lutino

Chico is Gabriel's father...:); she is a beautiful specimen of a female and I have often been told I should show her but this aspect does not really interest me; I just love my fids!!

Male and female Lutinos look alike with no real distinguishing factors between the two. Often persons will try and go by the theory of the brighter cheek patches for the male but this is just not true..I personally find that many of my Lutino females actually have brighter cheek patches than the males do. One thing though that in my opinion is strikingly obvious is the size difference of the male and female...The female as you will notice in most cases of all mutations is a larger fid and much more robust in the breast area and males tend to be more sleek and slender.

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