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Hawk Totem Guide

The Hawk is the symbol of the dawn and the freshness that a new day brings; and the power of recollection. These energies and qualities enable the seer to travel back through the pathways of time; helping to connect us with with our roots and incestral wisdom that lives within our phyches and our culture. Hawk is known for his ability to travel into the past.

The Hawk is associated with nobility and stature; with him he brings qualities of dignity and pride. Hawk has the ability to soar very high in the skies- recognizing him as a solar bird. He brings energies that help in searches for completion, healing, and illumination. He has the ability of focus, calmness and to see things in context. He is a very powerful bird; and working with him will require that you don't allow his power and high ideas to go to your head; he MUST be balanced with a sense of humility.


Hawk is known for his very keen eye; therefor bringing with him the ability to pay very close attention to details; picking up important pieces to a puzzle that are very significant in putting one's life into perspective. In this way Hawk helps us to let go of unnecessary baggage in our lives; wherein finding a sense of pride, nobility and stature. This process is one of cleansing; another powerful energy that Hawk brings.

If you have embraced, accepted and know Hawk; you bring all of his qualities and energies into your life; allowing you the ability to have his keen sight; to see things in detail and focus; with a strong ability of recollection. You will have his strong sense of pride, nobility and stature and also have very high ideas; filling your life with enthusiam and inspiration. Remember though that in working with Hawk you must temper him with a sense of humility; or these energies and qualities can lead to arrogance or even acts of cruelty. An introduction to the Hawk at a certain phase in your life may indicate that you need to connect with your roots and let go of some issue in the past. He may be telling you that knowledge from your roots or past may be very important in order for you to find your sense of place; your birthrights. Hawk also may ask you to examine if you may be too much of a seeker of detail; although being precise can be invaluable - it can also be carried to extremeties; depriving you of a wider view. Are you possibly getting too carried away by the justness of your own cause; perhaps forgetting or considering the feelings of another?


If you feel that Hawk is your totem guide please feel free to take the image at the top of this page to proudly recognize him; a link back to my page would be appreciated though...