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Welcome to Chico's Guest Gallery...if you have a pic of your fid and want to share it in Chico's Gallery Just click and send it in!!

"mommy said i can't chew on the keyboard, but she didn't say anything about not chewing on her glasses!!"
Hi!!My name is Shere Khan, I am a 6 1/2 month old male Pearl Pied Cockatiel.. When I get older I will lose most of my pearling because I am a boy. I am so full of energy and attitude and love playing with my pet human Nikki!

"i tink i see spray millet....i did! i did! i did see spray millet!! "
Hi!! My name is Elvis, I am a Normal Grey male tiel...I love to sing and talk.. I think I should be a star!! My pet human is Brenda. If you click the file below you will be able to watch and hear me sing and talk; I say "come on then" and "hello buddy boy". You can chose to run it right from here.
Download Elvis's video *a must see*
Hi!! My name is Sabo, I am a Normal Grey/pied male tiel. If you look on the back of my head you will see my pretty yellow spots-this is from my hidden pied genes. My pet human is Beth
Hi!! My Name is Woody, I am a beautiful male pied!! I am a really tough fid and my pet human is John and he loves me so much!!
Billie, Rambo and Kids
Hi!!We are Billie and Rambo and these are our kids...aren't they beautiful??" Our pet human Is Nancy and she helped us to raise our babies isn't she wonderful??
Hi!! My name is Morse; My Pet human Joy says I am her best bud; She is mine too. I Love to talk up a storm and I do it well too!! My favorite song is London Bridge. I am a beautiful specimen of the Normal Grey male; don't you think?
Nova and GT
Hi!! Are names are Nova and GT!! We are very good friends and get along well..We Love our hard boiled eggs. Our Pet human Linda says we are her sweet little ones!!

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