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The Fox is associated with qualities of cunning and trickory and because of these qualities he is percieved as kenning. Kenning means having knowledge beyond; he is seen as having much knowledge and also having the possession of a clear vision. Because of his these qualities he is an animal that gives very strong wise counsil.


The Fox typifies the beauty and harmony of our natural world. He represents the innocence and beauty of the world being destroyed by man's cruelty. Fox was once the victim of this man's destruction and his survival was due to his ability to remain hidden and silent using his knowledge to survive. The Fox brings with him qualities of skill and diplomacy and also a certain slyness. These qualities though MUST be tempered with your wisdom so that you do not use Fox skills and qualities dishonestly.

With his great skills of counsil he carries the ability with him to know when the time is right to remain silent and invisible in certain situations; or when the time is right to stand up and let his presence be known and share his strong wise counsil.


If you have embraced, accepted and know Fox you will bring all of his qualities and energies into your life; giving you the knowledge and vision that others may not see; the ability to help others with strong wise counsil; and the ability of cunning to achieve; but you must remember that cunning can turn into conning and when using Fox power you must also use wisdom. An introduction to fox at a certain phase in your life may be warning you to examine whether or not you are using your cleverness dishonestly. It is also an indication that you may be dealing with a certain situation where you feel you are at the mercy of another or being treated unfairly or cruely. Fox is telling you to take his counsil and lie low- so to speak; and concern yourself with family matters and learn his qualities and use his energies to cope and triumph; rather than allowing yourself to fall into the part of yourself that feels the victim.


If you feel that Fox is your Totem Guide please feel free to take the image at the top of this page to proudly recognize him; a link to my site would be appreciated though.....

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