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Eagle Totem Guide

The Eagle is the 5th oldest animal and is closely associated with the Salmon; which is the oldest animal of all. This association is represented in the Eagle diving down to catch the Salmon. Salmon represents the watery depths of emotion and unconscience therefor creating a union of height and depths- of intellect and emotion.


The Eagle draws his powers from the sun; he is a very strong masculine fiery bird with a great sense of clarity and objectivity. He travels into new and unknown territory with great confidence. Even though- with his great masculine power he unites the masculine with the feminine; which is represented by his plunges into the lakes. When working with Eagle; You MUST practice plunging into the heart as the Eagle plunges into the lake. If you do not do this your life could become very dry and sterile.

The Eagle brings with him the qualities and energies of the self ego- the conscience self- of rejuvination and renewal. The Eagle speaks of high intellects and the rashional self yet he has the incredible ability to dive into the waters- into the depths. This process is one of renewal and rejuvination; turning knowledge into true wisdom. Eagle balances his mind with his heart. Eagle brings the ability to detach from every day worries and also to grasp subtle concepts.

If you have embraced, accepted, and know Eagle then you bring all of his qualities and energies into your life. Giving you the ability to view things in a wider context and to make decisions in your life and chart your goals with great focus. You will feel a great sense of purpose and also have the strength to see it through. You will also travel with courage into new territory and ventures holding well to your confidence. You will have great intelligence; be a person of the intellectual matters- but remember to also learn from the Eagle the art of plunging and go into the matters of your heart. In this you will find refreshment, rejuvination and renewal- and will not be left with simply an overbearing intellect which may make you harsh and analytical. An introduction to Eagle at a certain phase of your life may indicate that he is offering you his energies and qualities to help in a situation; or he advising you to practice the art of plunging; telling you that feelings and emotions are important; and that you may be allowing your intellect to over power other matters. Eagle may be asking you to consider if your mind and heart are in balance. Listen to the call of your unconscience and pay more attention to your dreams- perhaps you have allowed Eagle power to drown out your unconscience. With this in mind though do not deny the value of your questing and rational mind.

If you feel that Eagle is your totem guide please feel free to take the image at the top of this page and proudly recognize him.....a link back to my site would be aprreciated though.


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