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I could honestly go on forever about these kinds of things as there is really so much knowledge to gain in regards to the spiritual studies. The dragon is an image that although we may admire his strength and fascinating beauty he is also percieved as an enemy; a very fierce one at that. The dragon is known in the spiritual sense as a very fierce gaurdian of the 4 elements; Land,Sky, Water, and Air. How he interacts with each individual be it friend or foe is really a matter of how each individual interacts with him.

First to explain the 4 elements and how they relate to our interpretations in the human language........

AIR elements relates to the human phyche and our intellectual being.

LAND elements relate to our inner potential and treasure; our manifestations on mother earth; on more practical day to day issues.

FIRE elements relates to our power,energy and vitality; our inner fuel or fire so to speak.

WATER elements refers to our emotions and feelings.

fierce dragon

Now back to the topic at hand........Don't misinterpet what I say- as the dragons can be very fierce; as guardians they will ferociously guard. One thing one may consider though; is that what the dragon may be gaurding- he is guarding for our own personal good. Although the Air Dragon and the Earth dragon can ferociously gaurd these elements within us they will cause more blockage in the groweth aspects of our lives....and with proper inner searching and gaining the dragons trust these potentials will eventually be released to us with the dragon's submission when he feels we are ready.

The most fierce battles with the most fierce dragons will be in regards to the Fire Dragon and the Water Dragon...these were my own personal battles with the dragon. However, once we have gained the guardian dragon's trust he is our ally and a great strength to help us within our lives; but unitl that time they will guard very ferociously. I know this all probably sounds very conflicting to you and perhaps confusing as well as you read this; but here again the dragon guards these elements within us for our own good.


Remember water and fire elements deal with emotional issues and feelings; and energy, vitality and power. As humans; we know how powerful and dangerous at times all of these qualities can be. Because one has great power or energy does not mean one will use it positiively and emotions can flare at unexpected times causing destruction in our lives or the lives of those around us.

These guardian dragons can become your greatest enemy if these things are disturbed; the dragon reminds us of the importance of a slow integration into these matters. For example many of us deal with tramatic issues that possibly we have repressed; the dragon is the guardian within that protects these tramatic issues from resurfacing and causing further damage in one's life. As important of a function this is; we also must face and deal with these issues as it is not good not to face them - but this is where the integration with the dragon comes into play.


We learn to befriend the dragon and tame the beast within; therefor accessing these guarded treasures within ourselves. This was my own personal experience with the dragon; the Fire dragon guarded my fierce energy to help me from being destructive when I was younger with my gift- a gift that at that time surfaced with deep fierce emotion; and he taught me that I have to learn to control and tame the gift.


The Water dragon fiercely protected my repressed memories of things that could bring destruction into my life; but with taming him and taking the time for a slow integration he has allowed me to access these dark caverns within myself and deal with them. This is how the dragon guardians work for all of us; something that high paid counseling can not teach us.


You see.......those things that can be our worst enemies and weaknesses the dragon will guard fiercly; until he knows we can take these treasures and turn them into our strengths and use them to soar with him. The Water issues in my life have now become my strengths in the way that instead of allowing them to destroy me; I accepted them and allowed them to give me wisdom and emotional strength and use my experiences to help others in need. The Fire elements I feel were tied into my special gifts and how in the beginning I used the gift in anger and it controlled me; the dragon showed me the way and I now use my special gifts to help others in need and use only the positive power and energies within.

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