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We breed our birds and words can not express the beauty and wonder in this experience. We watch our babies develop right in the egg through a method known as candling. Between the ages of 2 -4 weeks we take the babies from mom and dad and we handfeed them so that they will bond with their humans on a deep level. We try not to pull the babies at a particular dead line because this unfortunately conditions the parents to believe that the babies should be removed by such time and often triggers plucking and less desireable behavior from the parents. I often try and leave babies for first time parents to fledging or weaning as this makes better parents in my opinion. All our babies are handled from day one right from the nest.We become attached to our babies and each one that goes to a new home leaves a mark with us. We dont ship our birds as some people do as I personally feel this can be rather stressful to our babies.