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Chico's Avairy Friends

Here are some pictures of some birds that we share our lives with..we hope you enjoy them!!

Mom says she uses the bright yellow as our background for our cute pics because we bring sunshine into her life!!

I am an 8 week old
female baby pearl

I am an 8 week old
Female Lutino Pearl

I am a 10 week
old female
Normal Gray/pied

Let me out to Play
on my gym
I will be good!!

I am a Lutino-Pearl
If my mom had
a better camera
you could see
my pearling better
Before you go check
below for the nursery
link below to see some
baby pics!!

Because we breed our birds I will be able to post some pics of smaller babies. I have a few pics of 2 and 3 week olds right now but will be adding much much more soon. I would like to work on pics that show development as early as one please always check back to watch my babies grow with me..:)