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Animals are not only important in the physical world; but their energies and messages are of equal importance in the otherly worlds; the spiritual worlds. We as humans can learn so much from the magnificent creatures that share their world with us!!

By watching and studying animals, you an learn a great deal about the energies and qualities that they can convey to you and your life. Every since I was a little child I had a bond with all creatures large and small and an understanding of what they convey in messages in regards to my life is of second nature to me. You can learn to even watch an animals behavior to predict certain events; to analyze certain situations and to even read others around you; by reading on invidual animals that I will provide you will learn of these different qualities, energies and messages that each one brings with him.

In order to be really successful at this I feel that you need to become of them as well as allow them to become of unite with the animal spirit and to allow him to unite with you. You may have felt an affinity with a particular animal a great number of times for a long period of time now. This animal may very well be your totem guide. This is your most powerful and faithful guide who will remain with you throughout your life time and experience; offering you his guidance. We will need to learn about this animal so that we may learn the strengths that are desireable that we should struggle to achieve and the not so desireable traits of the animal we need to tame. This is not to say though that there will not be others. Other guides will enter into your life at different phases to offer counsel to you. The Spiritual circle Spread is a circle of different animal guides offering counsel and understanding; kind of like a group therapy.

I find that this section is very time consuming so it will take me time to get all of the animal guides posted but as I go I will put them up; so please just keep checking back here if you don't find the animal of your interest listed below. Just click on the animal you would like to learn about and be inspired by his beauty and knowledge. For each animal guide I have provided an animal logo that is free for the taking so thatyou may proudly recognize your animal guide.

Bear Totem Guide

Eagle Totem Guide

Fox Totem Guide

Hawk Totem Guide

Raven Totem Guide

Wolf Totem Guide

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